Every job done becomes part of our essence


No hay trabajo pequeño. Afrontamos todos nuestros proyectos como el mas importante de nuestra historia.

Experience, creativity and dedication for your project

Big Projects

Our most industrial division is dedicated to the manufacture and/or installation of furniture and technical wood carpentry products in all types of spaces and anywhere in the world.

More than 25 years of experience and its team of professionals have made Ceyeda a solid company with great technical experience and modern production facilities where the manufacturing of a wide range of wood projects and finishes can be carried out flexibly, as well as like its assembly anywhere in the world.

The Ceyeda Method combines experience, the best raw materials and the latest technologies to achieve the best results.

The Ceyeda team will offer you advice to turn your idea into a reality. If you need it, we will also put the services of our design department and technical office at your disposal.


We like to travel
It doesn't matter where the work to be done is located. Our assembly team loads the tools and goes wherever the work requires it.

When the work requires it, the design department plans its manufacturing taking into account the logistical needs to be able to transport materials and equipment wherever they are necessary.

The manufacturing of the main parts is coordinated in the factory, preparing the elements in a modular way to facilitate their subsequent transportation and assembly, saving labor time once on site.

The final parts and more complex elements are made on site.

Correct planning of the entire workflow is essential to guarantee deadlines, budgets and, above all, quality.

Custom projects

At Ceyeda we turn your ideas into wood. We make you the tree house that your children have always dreamed of, that crib that you have in mind and that you cannot find in a store, the sideboard that you have seen in a magazine or the custom shelving to make better use of the space... everything is possible in our carpentry.

Our roots are in traditional carpentry. A small workshop in Vilaboa that handcrafted furniture, railings, stairs... Today, our modern computerized numerical control systems allow us to translate our clients' ideas onto wood in a faster and more precise way.

25 years later we continue to make projects for private clients a reality with maximum efficiency: kitchens, porches, homes, fences, stairs, trundle beds...