Quality is a way to understand work

Maximum  Quality

From the beginning of the process, our team monitors each order, advising the client in choosing the composition of the final product, facilitating the execution of the project and offering the best possibilities for its installation.

Attention to detail is what sets us apart

Manufacturing thousands of products in a series is no excuse for neglecting quality. We have exhaustive quality control that ensures an excellent final product by monitoring the entire production chain, carrying out different quality measures throughout all the steps in the manufacturing of a product.

Raw materials, the beginning of our quality chain

We work with all types of wood, derivatives, and top quality materials (a wide variety of boards, from chipboard or plywood, melamines, and through new trends such as compact and other cutting-edge materials) using the most modern technologies. The Ceyeda team supervises each part of the process to obtain perfect finishes.

In its commitment to responsible forest management, CEYEDA,has decided to implement a Chain of Custody Management System in accordance with the standards PEFC (Chain of custody of forest products. Requirements) and FSC (Chain of Custody Certification).

You can download the certificates in PDF format in the chain of custody logos PEFC y FSC

Self-declaration regarding FSC-POL-01-004 
(Policy for association of organizations with FSC™)

The organization that subscribes to this declaration is associated with the Forest Stewardship Council A.C., Oxaca, Mexico, or one of its subsidiaries or affiliates (hereinafter FSC) either by being affiliated or by having a contractual relationship with the FSC. By this means, the undersigned organization explicitly declares to have read and understood the "policy for the association of organizations with the FSC» as it appears published in www.fsc.org. This policy stipulates the position of the FSC in respect of impermissible activities undertaken by organizations and individuals who are already associated or who might wish to associate with FSC, as well as the mechanism for dissociation.

Below you can download the full text of the declaration signed by CEYEDA.

Different specialized waste managers deal with the collection of various materials such as waste wood, cardboard, plastics or solvents to minimize our impact on the environment.